It doesn’t take a fool
to be foolish.
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by Michael Cheval
[Picture by Michael Cheval]
It doesn’t take a fool to be foolish.

-What a Wonderful World, by Louis Armstrong

-Shape up,
or you might end up Shit Creek
without a paddle.
We Gladly Welcome Comments!

There seems to have been some sort of a meeting at the UN building (NYC)
and Greta Thunberg almost ran into a well-known character,
in a sense world leader, possibly also word leader.

Anyhow, with reference to Greta’s involvement in climate matters
which millions of supporters are aware of today
it might interest some people to know
that the ”word leader” in question
at this memorable occasion
didn’t really seem to know his butt
from a hole in the ground.

We salute Greta Thunberg for her tough attitude & endeavors.
It sure takes a lot of guts speaking up like that.


Greta Thunberg, One Tough Cookie;
en livs levande, ung, energisk förebild.
-Hats off to her!

Greta scared the shit out of a whole bunch of politicians,
actually caught them pants down,
red-handed so to speak.
A truly great girl.

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