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Who is Putin?

Victory by 2025 possible

War strategy for Ukraine

Will they get enough weapons at last?


Rättvisa – Orättvisa – Extremism – Tyranni –  Diktatur & Terrorister

 A Russian Voice & Putin

Russian leader turn the clock back to an era in which journalists are arrested

Slava Ukraini! -Putin has lost it.

Trump in https://www.cbsnews.com/news/donald-trump-convicted-new-york-other-criminal-cases/problems
Trump may just finally get what he deserves

Federal judge postpones Trump’s March trial on charges of plotting to overturn 2020 election | PBS NewsHour

Trump convicted at last



Trump and his businesses received millions while he was president of the U.S.A.

Foreign governments spent millions at Trump businesses …

och vad du kanske inte visste om Donald Trump
 och konsten att ljuga

Här kan du både se & höra ett och annat

Shape up,
or you might end up Shit Creek
without a paddle.

-When you need a hand…
Behöver du hjälp?

Strunt och Okunskap eller Snille och Briljans?


Ljus, ljud & mörker

Vem tycker inte om Kalle Anka?

Quotes by Mark Twain

  Congress and Politics
  "An honest man in  politics shines more there than he would elsewhere."
  "An honest man in politics  shines more there than he would elsewhere."
  "An honest man in politics shines  more there than he would elsewhere."
  Stupid People, Ignorance and  Foolishness
  "Never argue with stupid  people.
  They will drag you down to their  level
  and then beat you with experience."

  "It's easier to fool people
  than to convince them that they have been fooled."

  "The more I learn about people, the  more I like my dog." 

MUSTANG 2014 SHT 928
Is there a road to recovery in these pandemic days?

How about a beautiful singer?
Ulla Billquist

Greta scared the shit out of a whole bunch of politicians,
actually caught them pants down,
red-handed so to speak.
A truly great girl.

En ängel i rummet..? … eller Ängeln i rummet Angelina

Baloney & The Holy Ghost

Kjell Redwwod CA 1978


Av barn och dårar får man höra sanningen.
Bättre en fågel i handen än tio i skogen.
Bättre att förekomma än förekommas.
Bättre brödlös än rådlös.
Av skadan blir man vis.
Bra karl reder sig själv.
Bättre fly än illa fäkta.